Amazing Tree Stump Ideas for the Garden


If you have a tree stump in your garden, then this is the right place for you. I have collected some amazing ideas on how to transform that old tree stump into something spectacular! This article will show you how to turn your tree stump into anything from a table, planter or even an umbrella stand.

DIY Miniature Grilling Table

A tree stump can be turned into a miniature grilling table. This is a great way to repurpose an old tree stump in your garden and it’s also a fun way to personalize what you have.

You will need:

  • A tree stump with relatively smooth sides that are 1-2 feet high and roughly 2-3 feet wide. Any size will work, but keep in mind that if you want it small enough for children to use, the smaller the better! You can cut down any larger trees or use smaller stumps from downed trees with minimal effort using saws or hand tools such as axes or hatchets (which are often included in survival kits).
  • Two legs for support; these should be about 2 inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 6-8 feet long depending on how far apart you want them spaced apart from one another.

DIY Four-Tiered Planter Stand

This one is for the DIY-ers out there. You’ll need to do a little carpentry, but if you can nail two boards together, this project is well within your reach.


  • 1 x 6″ x 8′ board of cedar or pine
  • 2″ deck screws (1 box)


  • Tape measure and pencil or pen to mark measurements on the wood

Assembly instructions:

DIY Rustic Tree Stump Cake Stand

  • Find a tree stump.
  • Use it as a cake stand.
  • Make sure the cake stand is stable and sturdy.
  • Make sure the cake stand is not too heavy, or you will have to deal with that when you go to pick up your finished dessert. And if it’s too tall, be prepared to get some help from an expert cake decorator and/or construction worker who can ensure that everything goes smoothly!

DIY Round Tree Stump Birdbath

  • Acquire a tree stump from your yard or a yard sale. 2. Drill holes in the bottom of your stump that are large enough for a birdbath to fit into, but not so large that you can’t close them when you’re done with this project. 3. Use a circular saw to cut around the top and bottom of your stump, then sand down any rough edges until they’re smooth enough for comfort (or better yet—for birds!). 4. Use that same drill bit to make holes along one side so that water lines can be connected easily if needed (and don’t forget to plug those lines in at the end). 5. Paint away! You might want to wait until after step four since paint tends to get everywhere when doing such detailed work; otherwise consi, der using fabric or wallpaper glue instead so it doesn’t bleed into surrounding areas (and then simply wipe off any excess). 6-9: Repeat steps 2-5 on other sides if necessary/desired; 10: Fill with water

DIY Rustic Slab Tree Stump Table

  • Materials:
  • A large tree stump with a flat top, or two smaller stumps to make a larger table (the top of the table should be at least 30 inches in diameter)
  • Wood glue and waterproof wood sealer (optional but recommended for outdoor use)
  • 4 metal brackets to support legs (optional)

DIY Potted Plant Umbrella Stand

DIY Potted Plant Umbrella Stand

Don’t waste your tree stump on just one project. You can use it as a pot holder! Just turn the top of your stump upside down and place your plant’s pot on top of it. The weight of the pot will keep the stump anchored to the ground, preventing it from tipping over in strong winds or when someone bumps into it accidentally.

This DIY project is also great if you want an umbrella stand in your backyard but don’t have enough space near an outdoor sofa or table for a bulky metal version. A tree stump serving as an umbrella stand looks much more natural than any other kind, and since most stumps already have holes drilled into them (from being cut down), you won’t have to worry about drilling any new ones yourself—just set up whatever size pole you need!

DIY Potting Bench for the Garden or Patio

Tree stumps are easy to find, and they make for a beautiful addition to any garden or patio. But did you know that they can also be used as a potting bench? It’s true! And it’s really simple to do:

  • First, remove the stump from its base in your yard by digging around it with a small shovel until you reach the bottom of the stump (you may need some help).
  • Then, use an electric drill to create holes through which you can screw bolts into both sides of your stump (make sure these are level).
  • Finally—and most importantly—find some sturdy planks at a building supply store (or make them yourself if necessary) that will fit perfectly across your tree stumps so that there is enough room for pots and other gardening tools underneath them. Attach these boards using wood screws so that they remain firmly in place but are removable if necessary (you may want to wrap them in black duct tape after attaching them so that dirt doesn’t get onto them).

DIY Terracotta Pot Holder for Your Patio or Deck

  • Place a terracotta pot on the stump
  • Bring the wire together to form a loop at the top of your pot holder and wrap it around one side of your stump
  • Cut off any excess wire, then run through all four holes in your pot – this will keep your holder secure!

Family of Birdhouses Made from Old Tree Stumps and Logs

This project is as beautiful as it is functional. You can use a tree stump as the base of your birdhouse, and then attach logs to make the roof. Simply drill holes in the logs so that you can screw in your birdhouse, and then hammer the house into place with a rubber mallet.

Once all of this is done, you’re ready to hang your new home for birds!

DIY Hanging Chair Built Around an Old Tree Stump Base

I like this idea because it uses an old tree stump as the base of the chair, and then attaches a rope to the top of the stump. You can use a pulley system in your backyard to raise and lower your hanging chair. Make sure you use a strong rope to support your weight!

Amazing Tree Stump Ideas for the Garden

  • Turning the tree stump into a fairy world
  • Keeping your garden organized
  • Add some unique garden art
  • Use your tree stumps as garden art

Fairy Door

If you want to make a fairy door on a tree stump, try using one of the following tools:

  • A hole saw
  • An electric drill
  • A jigsaw

Decorative Lights

After you’ve picked out the perfect stump and begun to transform it into a beautiful centrepiece for your yard, you might want to incorporate lights into the design. Lights can turn an ordinary stump into something extraordinary!

  • How to Add Lights to a Tree Stump: If you have a large tree stump, consider adding some LED fairy lights or solar-powered LED lights so that it glows at night. This will make your tree stump even more eye-catching in the evening and give it a magical look!
  • How to Make A Lighted Tree Stump Table: If you don’t have room for an entire table made from old stumps, try making one from just one! You can buy pre-made bases online or create your own by attaching four legs with screws. Cut out holes in each corner of each leg so that they fit snugly around the base of the trunk without scratching it down too much through friction over time (this may take some trial and error). Then attach them using nuts and bolts so they stay secure while maintaining flexibility when moving around

Rustic Coffee Table

This table has been made from a tree stump. The wood has been cut, planed and sanded to size, then painted and finished with a distressed finish.

This is a great addition to the garden or patio area as it provides you with an extra surface where guests can sit while they enjoy their drinks and snacks.


If you want to grow plants in a tree stump, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, plants need a lot of water. So make sure that your planter has sufficient drainage holes so that the roots can breathe. If not, it will rot.

Next, don’t overwater! Plants should be watered regularly depending on the type of soil—from once every other week for cacti to once or twice daily for tropicals and succulents. To determine how much water your plant needs, dig down into its root ball with your fingertips until they feel moist all around without being soggy or wet all over (which means it needs more). This method also works great if you forget where exactly you planted something: just stick your finger in there!

Finally: fertilizer! Use whatever type is right for your plant—for trees and shrubs use a balanced fertilizer with an N-P-K ratio between 4:10:5 and 6:12:6, or try vermicompost tea made from worms (they eat waste products like coffee grounds). You can also add some nitrogen-rich material like alfalfa meal which increases photosynthesis; however, this only lasts about six weeks so don’t use too much at once because then it could burn up young tender growth before it has time to grow bigger roots/trunks etc.

Rustic Side Table

  • Materials needed: tree stump, plastic bottle, drill, saw, sandpaper, paintbrush and a foam brush.
  • Cut the top off of your plastic bottle with a knife or scissors so that it’s flat on top.
  • Lay out your stump onto newspaper or cardboard to protect it from paint drips while you’re painting; you’ll also want something to protect your workspace too (a drop cloth or tarp).
  • Spray paint one side of the stump white, then let dry completely before flipping over and painting another coat on the other side of the stump black (we used two thin coats). Let dry again completely before continuing to Step 6.

Candle Holder

You can also turn the stump into a candle holder. It’s really easy to do and will look amazing in your garden or wherever you want to place it, as long as there are enough drainage holes in the bottom of the stump.

To make it, drill a hole through one side of the top of your tree log, then drive three nails through that hole into each side of your stump. Now use cable ties to attach some tealight candles onto these nails so they sit over the top edge of your tree trunk (but still inside). Then fill up any gaps with stones or twigs surrounding this area so it looks neat!

A small tree stump can be turned into a quirky little table. This one has been given a fresh coat of paint and sealant for protection.

You can turn a small tree stump into a quirky little table. Here’s how:

  • Paint the stump with whatever colour you like (we chose white).
  • Seal it with polyurethane so that the paint doesn’t crack or chip off over time.

A hollowed-out stump lends itself to repurposing as a planter. Make sure there are enough drainage holes though, as the risk of overwatering is high.

A hollowed-out stump lends itself to repurposing as a planter. Make sure there are enough drainage holes though, as the risk of overwatering is high. Use a drill to make drainage holes at the bottom, and use a saw to cut off any protruding wood that would impede water flow.

An old tree stump would look great in the corner of a garden or even beside your front door. This one has been painted bright yellow to add some colour and fun to the garden.

For an old stump, have you considered painting it bright yellow? Not only does it add colour and fun to the garden, but it also helps the stump stand out against its surroundings.

If you’re going for a natural look, use different colours in spring and summer compared to autumn and winter. This is particularly effective if you want your stump to blend into its surroundings while looking attractive at other times of the year.

If you have an old tree stump lying around in your garden, why not put it to good use? These creative ideas can help you enjoy a unique feature in your garden.

  • Use it for seating. If you’re looking for a unique seating option that won’t take up too much space, but can still provide you with a comfortable place to sit, why not try using an old tree stump? You can build some steps or simply lay a cushion over it.
  • Use it for storage. Have you been struggling to find somewhere to store all your gardening tools and equipment? Well, instead of buying another cupboard or shed that will probably end up getting filled up again in no time at all, why not use an old tree stump as storage space instead? It’s unlikely anyone else will have this idea! And when spring comes around again next year, simply move everything back outside and start growing plants again!
  • Decorate with nature’s artistry: By using branches from dead trees or other plants that have fallen over by accident during storms; glue them onto the trunk of your stump in such a way that they look like feathers sticking out from its side (or even better yet – paint them white if needed). These kinds of decorations can turn any boring piece into something spectacularly beautiful!

Stump planter

  • A tree stump is a great place to plant your favourite flowers.
  • However, because it’s a tree stump, it’s not recommended you plant it directly in the soil. Instead, try planting in potting soil and filling the rest of the space with mulch for an attractive look and good drainage.

Stump table

  • Use a saw to cut the stump at a 45-degree angle.
  • Use a hammer to drive the legs into the ground.
  • Attach the tabletop with screws.
  • Apply a sealant to protect your new table and stump!

Mushroom stump art

The mushroom stamp art is a fun project that can be done with very little skill. You will need:

  • A hammer or mallet
  • A 1/4″ drill bit
  • Mushroom spawn (available at your local garden store)
  • Plastic sheeting, glass, or some other covering to keep in moisture while the mushrooms are growing. This can be a piece of plastic sheeting or clear glass if you have it on hand. If not, any type of plastic will do—just make sure that it’s not too heavy and won’t break if you’re using it for an outdoor project like this one! You might want to use something like Saran Wrap instead since it’s thinner than a regular plastic wrap but still strong enough for light tasks such as this one.)

Backyard seating

If you have a tree stump in your garden, turning it into a bench is an easy project. First, you will need to cut the stump using a chain saw. You can either do this yourself or hire someone to help out. After that, use a drill to make holes on all four sides of the stump where each leg will go; then insert wooden legs into these openings and secure them with screws from underneath so they sit flush against the surface of the stump. Next, use a hammer and screwdriver to attach cushions onto both ends of each leg before finally tightening them down with another screwdriver for added stability—and voila! You have yourself some backyard seating that’s stylish and functional without breaking any budget!

Picture frame

Simple, beautiful, and a great way to show off your favourite photos. All you need to do is cut the stump to size, drill holes in it and then attach hooks or nails. You can use any kind of picture frame to hang on the tree stump (we recommend one without glass since it will be outside).

Wood slice garden marker

  • Use a chainsaw to cut your tree stump into slices. This is the most efficient way to get the best use out of your wood slice.
  • Once you’re ready for your wood slice garden markers, mark off planting areas and pathways using chalk or spray paint on the side of each slice. You can also use them as play areas by marking off different spaces—a sandbox area would be great!

Tree stump fairy houses

A tree stump fairy house is one of the most creative projects you can do in your garden. It is something that will be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. To create this sculpture, you will need to use your imagination. The finished product should look like a miniature house or cottage with a magical feel to it. You can create this out of natural materials such as twigs and moss if you want something that looks very rustic or even add things like doors, windows and a little roof. If possible plant some flowers or plants around the base of the sculpture so that they grow through into its interior giving it an extra bit of detail when viewed from outside!

Tree stump animal homes

If you have an animal that needs a home, consider using a tree stump as the perfect shelter. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering an animal’s needs.

  • Make sure the stump is big enough for your pet to fit inside and move around comfortably. If the space is too small, he or she may become restless and uncomfortable over time.
  • Make sure that the stump will be safe for them to occupy; make sure it’s not rotting or damp inside before placing it on the ground. A moist environment can lead to mould growth which could be harmful if breathed in by your pet!
  • Ensure that your animal has enough room in which they can move around comfortably – this could mean building them a little compartment area with walls made out of logs/sticks so they feel secure when sleeping at night!

Small world play

Small World Play

Small-world play is a type of sensory play that involves using recycled materials in the garden to create a small world for children to explore.

There are many types of small worlds you can create, from tunnels and caves to tree stumps. If you have large tree stumps left over from pruning or clearing trees then you can use these as bases for your small world play area.

Fungi terrariums

For those of you who love growing mushrooms, here’s a fun project that turns your tree stump into a mushroom terrarium. These are fairly easy to make, but they do require some care and maintenance on your part. The best thing about these little gardens is that they’ll last for years to come if you take care of them correctly. They’re great for anyone who loves gardening, especially if you’re looking for something creative and unique!

  • Materials:
  • Tree stump (or chunk of wood)

Mushrooms, mushrooms, and more mushrooms!

Mushrooms are a great addition to any garden, as they are easy to grow and can provide a lot of benefits for your and your family’s health.

Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, which is important for our bodies because it helps keep our bones strong. They’re also rich in vitamin B, which helps the body process proteins and carbohydrates.

This makes mushrooms an excellent food choice if you’re looking for ways to improve your overall health or prevent potential diseases later on in life!

Turning the Tree Stump into a Fairy World

A small tree stump is perfect for creating a fairy world. Decorate it with moss and twigs, then add some paint to give it a magical feel.

Use Your Tree Stumps As Garden Art

  • Use Your Tree Stump As Garden Art
  • Use Your Tree Stump As A Garden Art Sculpture
  • Use Your Tree Stump To Hold Plants
  • Use Your Tree Stump As A Garden Marker
  • Use Your Tree Stump As A Planter

Keep Your Garden Organized

You can use your tree stump as a planter, flower pot and storage container all in one. If you want to keep things simple, try adding some plants directly into the bottom of the stump by drilling drainage holes first.

Placing little succulents inside of a large tree trunk makes for an excellent centrepiece at parties or events. For those who have more ambitious plans for their new tree stump planter, paint it with bright colours and add some light fixtures that will illuminate its interior during the night!

A birdbath is another great way to use old stumps from trees that were cut down in your yard or elsewhere around your property. Simply drill holes into both sides of the top portion of each stump so water will drain out if any collects inside them during rainstorms; then place rocks on top so birds can perch comfortably while drinking from their new bathtubs!

This old stump has plenty more life left in it yet you’ve made some great improvements! You could even use this piece outdoors as well by turning it into

Add Some Unique Garden Art

  • Add Some Unique Garden Art

With the right tools, a tree stump can be turned into an incredible garden art piece. From planters to tables, benches and stools, there are many creative ways to use an old tree stump in your garden.

  • Make a Tree Stump Planter

One of the most popular uses for an old tree stump is as a planter. An easy way to turn it into a beautiful pot is by hollowing out the centre with power tools or hand chisels. Once you’ve made room for your plants you can either glue them directly on top or line them up inside using a waterproof sealant like silicone caulk before filling it with dirt or sand for drainage purposes. If you’d rather go without pots altogether then consider using rocks instead—just make sure that everything fits inside correctly so no water gets trapped outside!

  • Make A Tree Stump Table/Bench/Stool Or Chair

Transform Your Tree Stumps Into Seating

This is a great project for the DIY-obsessed or anyone who loves to tinker. The procedure of transforming your tree stump into seating is simple: saw it in half, cut the seat with a jigsaw, and drill holes for the screws and bolts. It’s up to you which method of cutting you choose—a table saw will make quick work of it, but if safety isn’t an issue (and it never should be) then a jigsaw can do everything that a table saw does without all those moving parts that could cause injury. You could also use a router and wood bit instead of using power tools at all; this would save time by getting rid of unnecessary steps like prepping the wood with sandpaper or finding more specialized equipment like a circular saw or router table to get the job done right. After creating these features on all four sides and aligning them correctly, place two bolts through each seat section before screwing them into place on top of both halves of your transformed stump.”


We hope you enjoyed these amazing tree stump ideas for the garden. There are so many ways to use your old stumps and logs, from a cozy bench to a fairy door! We’re sure you’ll find something that fits your style here.