10 Ways To Get Rid Of Small Tree Stumps Fast

Who doesn’t dislike stumps? They look bad and they take up too much space. Fortunately, you have a lot of ways to deal with them. Within this article, we’ll discuss some methods to dispose of those pesky stumps.

1. Use A Stump Grinder

Stump grinders are an excellent option for stumps smaller than 6 inches in diameter. They’re also a good choice for older or weaker trees that have been felled by the storm and need to be removed quickly.

If you have a stump grinder, you should use it to remove any tree stumps in your yard that are less than 6 inches wide. Tree stumps larger than that will require special equipment and removal methods, so we recommend hiring a professional if your stump is greater than 10 inches wide.

2. Burn the Stump

Burning the stump is a great way to get rid of small tree stumps, but you should be careful that the fire doesn’t spread. If it is still wet or green, don’t try this method until it dries out completely.

If your stump is small enough, simply use a propane torch to burn away the wood. Be careful not to burn yourself or anything else around you with sparks or flying embers (put down some old newspapers for example). The best time for this method is when there’s no wind or rain so that nothing can catch on fire and spread!

3. Grind the Stump into Mulch

Grinding the stump into mulch will give you a reusable product that you can use in your garden. A stump grinder is the best tool to use for this purpose. The grinder will break down the wood and make it into small particles which can then be spread around your plants or gardens.

4. Pull It Out with a Pickup Truck

Assuming you have a pickup truck, this is an easy way to get rid of a small tree stump. The first thing you’ll need to do is dig up some dirt around the base of the tree. Then, lay down your tow strap and secure it to your truck. Next, drive towards the stump as fast as possible while someone else holds onto one end of the strap. Once they let go, it will pull out the entire tree!

5. Rot it with Epsom Salts

To rot the stump, you will first need to drill holes in it. Then use a pick axe and mattock to break up the stump. Finally, dig out the roots with a shovel.

Using Epsom salts is another option for getting rid of small tree stumps quickly. Mix Epsom salts with water so that they become like mud and put this mud onto your stump. Watering the stump will help it rot more quickly and make sure that no dangerous chemicals are left behind on top of your lawn when you’re done removing it!

Chemical tree killers such as Roundup will also work well on small trees and stumps if you want something safer than using chemicals or burning them away but are still effective at killing off any unwanted vegetation growing between your garden beds or driveway area.

6. Drill Holes in the Stump

Drill holes in the stump. You can do this with a drill and a sharp bit or an awl, which is a small tool used for punching holes with a pointed end. The sap will attract insects that will eat the stump and help it decompose.

7. Remove It With A Rope and Lever

If you have a small stump, you can use a rope and lever to remove it quickly.

Rope: The rope will act as an anchor for your lever. You can use any durable material that is strong enough to support the weight of your trunk or log. We recommend using braided nylon rope because it’s durable and easy to work with, but any type of rope will work in a pinch!

Levers: There are two types of levers used for pulling stumps out of the ground: fulcrum levers and crowbars (also called crowfoots). You’ll need one on each side so they’re balanced when they’re placed under the stump’s edge this illustration below shows how they should look when set up correctly before applying pressure downward into the soil around the base area where roots connect ground level; this creates an effective pivot point right underneath the surface which allows momentum generated by pushing against both ends simultaneously without needing brute strength alone.”

8. Use A Mattock To Dig Out The Roots

If you’re looking for a way to dig out the roots of a stump, consider using a mattock. A mattock is a digging tool with a flat blade and handle that resembles an axe or pickaxe but has a longer blade and heavier head. It is used to loosen soil and break up rocks, making it perfect for removing tree stumps. The weight of the mattock allows you to apply force evenly across the surface of your stump without breaking through its side (which might cause complications as far as removal goes).

Mattocks can also be used to break up large roots of trees if you want them out of your yard entirely—a good strategy if there are any nearby trees whose roots intertwine with those around your desired location—and they’re great all-around tools that can’t hurt to have around when it comes time for some yard work!

9. Use a Chemical Tree Killer

If you have a tree stump, there is a good chance that it has been there for years. If that’s the case, then your patience might be running thin when thinking about how to get rid of it. While trying to remove small tree stumps from your yard can be time-consuming and difficult, there are some ways that you can make things easier on yourself without having to hire someone else to do the job for you. Read on for some great tips!

You will need:

  • A shovel (if using chemical)
  • Safety goggles (if using chemicals)
  • There are lots of different ways to remove tree stumps.

Whether you’re looking to remove stumps from your backyard, or you’ve had to deal with them in your front yard, there are lots of different ways that you can get rid of them fast.

You could always use a stump grinder. This is one of the most common methods used for removing stumps and roots. It can be rented from local equipment rental stores, or purchased outright if you know how much work you’ll be doing in the future.

Burning out the stumps can also be effective if done correctly. You will need an excavator (or something similar) so that you can dig down around your tree stump enough to set up fire pits around it before lighting it up on fire with some gasoline or kerosene fuel. This method works best on smaller trees where they won’t burn down into ashes but rather turn into charred remains that are easier than ever before to remove by hand tools like shovels and axes!

Grinding up the roots into mulch makes sense because they don’t need space underneath anymore – they’re gone! Just make sure not too much gets wasted away through burning off too high above ground level.

10. Use Root Killers for Small Stumps

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of small tree stumps fast, you’ll want to look into using root killers for small stumps. It’s a method that has been used for many years and is quite effective.

Root killers are used on small tree stumps to eliminate the root system and prevent regrowth. It works by injecting a herbicide into the stump, which then kills the roots. There are a few different types of root killers available on the market, but all work in a similar manner.

The main difference between these products is their formulation of herbicide and application method. Some products use a liquid formula while others spray an aerosol onto the stump. The liquid formula generally requires more time to work than the aerosol version does because it must soak into the stump for several hours before killing its roots completely. However, both methods are equally effective at killing tree stumps without harming nearby plants or grasses around your yard or garden area.

There are lots of different ways to remove tree stumps. Some options include:

  • Use a stump grinder to grind them into mulch.
  • Burning the stump with a blowtorch (this works best with smaller stumps)
  • Grinding stumps into mulch, which you can use for various gardening projects or sell as compost if you want some extra cash.
  • Pulling out stumps with a pickup truck or tractor—though this may require renting a vehicle and hiring someone else for the job!
  • You can also do things like drilling holes in tree trunks, or using Epsom Salts around the base of it so that it rots quickly enough for you to pull it out without having to deal with any damage caused by trying (and failing) at removing large trees yourself!
  • You can remove tree stumps in several different ways. Some options include burning them with blowtorches, grinding them into mulch and pulling out the larger ones with a pickup truck or tractor (which may require renting a vehicle and hiring someone else for the job).


So, if you are looking for ways to get rid of a small tree stump as quickly and efficiently as possible, you have found the right article. We hope that with our 15 power strategies you will discover a way that not only will you get rid of the pesky stump, but it will also be done in a short period that fits your busy schedule.